Online mahjong for new online arm of land-based casino
Online mahjong software provider, Mahjong Logic Ltd has entered into a supply agreement with the soon-to-relaunch London land-based Hippodrome Casino.
As Mahjong Logic's newest licensee the Hippodrome Casino will be in a position to tap into a large percentage of Chinese and Asian players who know and love the game of mahjong.
"We are excited to bring a strong traditional casino with years of history and experience to the world of online mahjong", said Jonas Alm, chief executive officer of Mahjong Logic.  "Being located next to London’s Chinatown allows our software and the game of mahjong to become more popular to the ever growing overseas Chinese marketplace and beyond.”
George Constantinou, Head of Online Gaming at The Hippodrome Casino added: “Partnering with Mahjong Logic allows us to immediately offer online mahjong to our customer base and leverage their already existing player liquidity pool”.
UK gaming and advertising group Media Corp entered into a joint online venture agreement with The Hippodrome Casino at the start of the year for the provision of a branded online offering comprising a suite of online gaming products that include online casino and poker games.  Sportsbetting and bingo are scheduled to be added through the year