Chicago fantasy sports player claims he has been cleared by DraftKings, but why no announcement from DraftKings?
Our readers may recall a story that surfaced last month in which allegations were made that there was suspected collusion in a million dollar fantasy sports competition at DraftKings.
Chicago-based player Martin papagates Crowley (23) Was a winner in the competition, triggering speculation that he may have colluded with his brother Tom, who had won in the same competition a year earlier.
In a follow-on interview this week with the Wall Street Journal, papagates confirmed that he had been barred from DraftKings competitions for several days whilst the operator conducted an investigation, with which he cooperated fully.
Crowley claimed that the investigation had been completed, and that he had been cleared and invited back to the site by a representative of the company.
Strangely, there is little sign of any announcement by DraftKings signalling an end to the issue. When InfoPowa went to press a reaction was still awaited from the fantasy sports operator.