Medium stakes fixed limit Texas Hold’Em can be characterized as anything in the $10/$20 range up to probably about $50/$100 although that certainly is on the edge of what would be considered high stakes. Keep in mind that the differentiation between stakes changes depending on if you are talking about live poker games or online poker games. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing online poker games.

What Is Different About A Medium Stakes Game?

Medium stakes Texas Hold’Em games are usually filled with average to solid poker players. Many people who frequent these games are doing so for a living, meaning they are winners and they make a good wage. With that said however, there obviously are enough bad or below par players to keep them in business. The trick in medium stakes games is finding the right game and staying away from the good players. Clearly staying away from good players is going to be hard, but there are tactics and strategies you can use to deal with them.

It is critical to note that medium stakes Holdem can be much more volatile and dangerous than the small stakes Holdem tables. The players are better and the action is fiercer. With that said, proceed to middle stakes games only when you are a solid winner at the low stakes and have developed sound discipline.

Semi Bluffing, A Solid Middle Stakes Concept

Medium stakes Texas Hold’Em affords the chance at some added strategic moves over small limit games. One of particular concern is the semi bluff. Semi bluffing is when you have a hand that might win, but may not be the best hand. Since medium stakes players tend to be better, this kind of tactic works more often. Here is an example:

You hold Js9s in late position and the flop is 9d2hKs you decide to raise a bet from a solid middle position player. You have middle pair, a slight shot at a flush and a slight shot at a straight. Now, these draw chances are nothing to count on since they are both way out there, but in conjunction with your middle pair, you might have the best hand. Your raise here will either win you the pot outright or potentially get you a free card on the turn or river to improve your modest holding.

Keep in mind that when playing middle limit games, many of your opponents will be using software to track both their play and their opponents play. It is then essential that you are able to vary your play and throw opponents off. You can do this sensibly however. Throwing opponents off doesn’t mean you have to play 27 off suit from early position (although, you certainly may if you are so inclined).

Rather, play marginal starting hands or drawing hands from strange positions to confuse your opponents. Not raising pre flop with AA or KK is not a good way to confuse your opponents, especially in middle limit games. Once you have mastered the middle stakes games read this article on high stakes fixed limit Holdem and if you can hold your own there you will never have to read one of my poker strategy articles ever again. I do insist on receiving a small percentage of your earnings though!

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