Online gambling network dismantled in Mumbai.
Indian police Crime Branch detectives in Mumbai have reported the start of dismantling a nation-wide online gambling ring and the arrest of five people over the weekend.
The illegal activity took place through an online gambling website titled Amazing, which was managed from an apartment near the Surat railway station in Mumbai, police spokesmen revealed. During a police raid two laptops, some cash and other evidence were seized.
Police named those arrested as Vinay Naik, Uttamrao Raipunde, Arjun Solanki, Aslam Shaikh, and Shailesh Naik.
Those arrested told the police that they were the local agents working on commission for the website, which they said was owned by Surajdev Gujarat of Mumbai through a franchise from Limbra Infrastructure owned by H Y Khan, also a resident of Mumbai.
Detectives said the gambling network had franchises in many Indian cities, and that teams would now prosecute those who are behind the gambling network.