Nebraska have rejected Poker is Game of Skill

Friday January 15,2016 : POKER LOSES OUT IN NEBRASKA
Lawmakers vote for chance in argument that poker is a game of skill.
State senators in Nebraska have rejected a proposal that poker is a game predominantly of skill and therefore does not constitute gambling in terms of state law.
Almost a year on from its introduction by Sen. Ty Larson, and after a six-hour debate in the state Legislature this week, bill HB619 received only 16 votes of the 33 needed to cease debate and force a vote.
The Legislature could continue the bill’s consideration this year, but only if a senator or committee designates it as a priority…and Larson says he has not yet decided whether he’ll do that.
The change of status would have permitted poker and community card games to be licensed in the state, along with poker tournaments in establishments where alcohol is served.
Opponents of the Larson bill pointed to a Nebraska attorney general’s opinion which concluded that draw poker is primarily a game of chance.