Gambling Legislative Rush in Nevada

Posted 3/20/11 : Three online gambling bills among many that have to be considered on a tight deadline
Week seven of the Nevada Legislature begins Monday with a marathon day that will include the first night-time floor meetings of the 2011 session as legislators rush to meet the deadline for individual bill introductions, reports Associated Press.
Monday is the deadline for individual lawmakers to introduce bills that they are sponsoring. Leaders of the Senate and Assembly warned their members on Friday to be prepared for evening floor sessions to get through the rush of introductions covering a wide spectrum of legalization.
The key online gambling bill on the crowded schedule is AB258, which has been set down for consideration by the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Thursday. The bill asks state gambling regulators to create rules for Internet poker operators and companies that make related equipment.

Notably, it specifically prevents the Nevada Gaming Commission from denying a licence to popular existing poker sites – like Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker – simply because they have been operating offshore in a legal gray area after a federal law banned online gambling financial transactions in 2006.