New Attempts to Restore the Wire act

Dwindling number of AGs push for reinstatement of the Wire Act.
The Poker Players Alliance action group has flagged two new attempts to urge members of Congress to restore the anti-online gambling Wire Act and/or support Sheldon Adelson's Restoration of America's Wire, still languishing in Congress after several unsuccessful attempts at passage.
In the first of these initiatives, which Online Poker Report notes is supported by only eight state AGs (half those who signed a similar letter last year), the signatories seek support for RAWA at a Congressional hearing scheduled for December 9.
The AGs who have signed the letter this time around are:
Janet Mills – Maine
Bill Schuette – Michigan
Chris Koster – Missouri
Doug Peterson – Nebraska
Adam Laxalt – Nevada
Scott Pruitt – Oklahoma
Alan Wilson – South Carolina
Marty Jackley – South Dakota
The second, and better supported, letter from AGs this week went to Vice President Elect Mike Pence "…and the Trump transition team" and urged the incoming administration to support RAWA.
This letter was signed by:
Jeff Landry – Louisiana
Bill Schuette – Michigan
Douglas Peterson – Nebraska
Adam Laxalt – Nevada
Wayne Stenchjen – North Dakota
Scott Pruitt – Oklahoma
Alan Wilson – South Carolina
Marley Jackley – South Dakota
Ken Paxton – Texas
Sean Teyes – Utah
See the full text of the letter here: