New Jersey Fantasy Sports Hearing Postponed

Thursday March 10,2016 :  NEW JERSEY D.F.S. HEARING POSTPONED (Update)
Sen. Whelan's S.1927 pushed back to Monday 14 March.
New Jersey Sen. Jim Whelan's plans for a quick hearing by the Senate Economic Growth Committee today on his daily fantasy sports regulatory bill S.1927 have been stalled until Monday 14 March without explanation, according to sources in the state legislature.
Sen Whelan launched the bill earlier this week and immediately seized a hearing date of Thursday March 10, but this has now been pushed back to next week.
A presser from the senator's offices Monday revealed that the measure is specific to daily fantasy sports (it apparently leaves season-long fantasy sports as is) and seeks to avoid fees and taxes that are so high as to prove an obstruction to smaller DFS companies that would like to operate gambling  legally in the state.