Paddy Power in top 20 companies for female advancement

FTSE Woman Leaders Report places gambling group in top 20 companies for female advancement.
The Paddy Power-Betfair gambling group has been named in the top 20 list of UK companies that have advanced women leadership at senior management levels.
The ‘FTSE Women Leaders Report’ review was led by Sir Philip Hampton and Dame Helen Alexanderon and sponsored by KPMG, with the goal of improving gender balance within the UKs 350 FTSE enterprises.
The review supported Lord Mervyn Davies ongoing 5-year target of recording a 33 percent in female business leaders appointed within UK FTSE-350 boards.
Paddy Power Betfair made 15th position on the top 20 list of UK FTSE-100 enterprises that at present have a 33 percent or more female representation in leadership and governance positions.