Paddy Power has sealed a deal with ITV

Forward thinking initiative utilises power of online microblogging service
Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has sealed a deal with ITV and Twitter Amplify for a World Cup Highlights sponsorship.
ITV will tweet up to ten Paddy Power sponsored near-live football highlights per game on Twitter following a successful trial run during the Brazil and Croatia opening match.
Promoted Tweets will be sent out from both ITV's and Paddy Power's account and then amplified through Twitter's third party "public user data" – to target people based on who they follow, what they write about and where they are located, reports Campaign Live.
Twitter Amplify allows media companies and brands to capture the excitement on TV and distribute it to fans and audiences across Twitter, beyond just their followers.
Audiences can relive that moment or experience it for the first time on their mobile phones while they engage in Twitter conversations.
The initiative will run throughout the duration of the World Cup.