$338 million jackpot for battling store owner
Pedro Quezada , a Dominican immigrant and father of five who owns the Apple Deli and Grocery in the low-income Passiac area of New Jersey, has aced the current $338 million Powerball lottery – the fourth biggest jackpot in its history.
The lump sum pay-out is $211 million, amounting to about $152 million after state and federal taxes, Lottery Executive Director Carole Hedinger said.
Quezada received the stunning news that he was a multi-millionaire when he walked into the Eagle Liquors store in Passiac to check his ticket Monday, the New York Daily News reported.
The numbers drawn Saturday were 17, 29, 31, 52, 53 and Powerball 31.
Neighbours described Quezada and his wife as "quiet and not overly talkative" and a couple who seemed to be working constantly.
On receiving the good news, Quezada called his wife, saying: "I'm the millionaire, Ines, put on the TV so you can see me, or come down to the liquor store right now."
Asked what he would do with his monumental windfall, Quezada said he would take care of his health and his family.
"I'm going to help a lot of people, whatever they need," he said