Phil Ivey Poker App Fully Launched

Tuesday September 24 ,2013 : PHIL IVEY'S  MOBILE POKER APP NOW FULLY LAUNCHED (Update)
10,000 active users already.
International poker pro and serial WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey is obviously confident in the success of his mobile online poker app, which he took out of beta testing Monday and launched commercially.
The beta phase on Facebook has been on-going since July this year, and Ivey can now boast 10,000 downloads, a clearly encouraging start.
Announcing the launch on his website this week, Ivey commented:
"Bringing Ivey Poker to mobile was the next logical step. Just like with poker, the app is ever-evolving. We want to offer as many platforms as possible to give everyone a chance to play."
The app includes an extensive coaching library and access to major high profile poker aces on Team Ivey, and its available through Facebook, the iStore and GooglePlay.