PKR has released its latest poker client upgrade


Improved game flow and simplicity of use, the guiding principles

Online poker operator PKR has released its latest poker client upgrade providing a multitude of new features.

“Our aim with PKR 3.0 was to make this quite complicated piece of poker software easier to use, though we couldn't help but add a few design features to keep our visual cutting edge!”, the company said in a statement.

The two guiding principles during the development of the upgrade was simplicity of use and improved game flow giving the new client a lobby as opposed to the old portal, which features a new file menu and tab systems for different areas such as casino and sports.

Other new features include:

–    smoother, uninterrupted game flow
–    insight taken from traditional poker rooms in how hole cards and community cards are displayed
–    tweaks to the multi-tabling options, provides a choice of 2D or 3D avatars
–    re-designed poker lobby provides simple view and classic view options
–    a My PKR section provides access to accounts, bonus information, tournament tickets, friends section,
    avatar shop, hand replayed among others
–    additions to the avatar shop include new virtual items and a Photo Booth feature.

“These are only a few of the changes we've made, some visible to you [players], many behind the scenes,” the PKR statement said. “As a direct result of your [player] feedback, countless other changes and improvements – some less ‘sexy' but important nevertheless – have been added, from table chat and announcement systems to satellite tournament information and beyond.”