Botox For Poker Tells On CSI

Thursday February 7,2013 : MAINTAINING THAT POKER FACE
Botox investigated in new CSI television episode
Using chemicals to maintain the perfect poker face and hide facial tells is the intriguing concept behind one episode television fans can look forward to in the long-running Crime Scene Investigation series, according to reports in the entertainment media.
The reports indicate that the former teen television star and pop singer David Cassidy, now aged 62, will appear in this season's sixteenth episode, titled "Last Woman Standing" and airing in the US on February 27.
Cassidy plays the role of veteran poker pro Mr. Coe, who resorts to massive botox injections to keep his face young…and from giving away his poker intentions. He consequently runs into problems with cheating allegations by casino management, who want his winnings back.
Cassidy last appeared on television in the series "Celebrity Apprentice" in 2011.