Hacker drops $100,000 on virtual high stakes tables
Poker pros familiar with colleague Daniel Negreanu‘s playing style were possibly mystified this week when it appeared to change, denting the famous poker celebrity's Pokerstars account by a claimed $100,000 across the $100/$200 NL nosebleed tables.
Certainly some of the moves made by what turned out to be a hacker on Negreanu's account were not typical of the skill and talent of the Canadian high stakes poker ace.
Explaining the fraudulent activity in a post on the popular twoplustwo message board, Negreanu wrote:
"I was on an airplane home while this guy was joyriding my Stars account. He hacked my email and I got that back; still figuring out what happened.
"When I have all the details I'll share when it makes sense to."
The good news for Negreanu is that his account will be made good by Pokerstars, which has launched an investigation into the hack.