Latest information vid from online poker provider looks at anti-fraud precautions.

A significant proportion of the online poker operator’s staff is employed on this important aspect, led by Steve Winter, director of Game Integrity, and Bryan Taylor, senior Game Integrity Product Manager, who explain how the system works to vid presenter James Hartigan.
The latest in a series of informative vids on how Pokerstars goes about its business is now available and focuses on the sophisticated anti-fraud and anti-collusion measures deployed at the company’s headquarters on the Isle of Man.

Introducing the new vid on the company blog, communications chief Eric Hollreiser points out that whilst most poker players on the site are honest there will inevitably be bad apples “…when you have more than 67 million registered players, with as many as 400,000 playing at a single time.”
The video provides an interesting insight into the investment in advanced technology and the experienced human monitors deployed at Pokerstars, without revealing too-specific information that might be of assistance to would-be fraudsters.