Posted on 12/13/10 : Lenny S :

Formidable final table included de Wolfe, Negreanu and Sabat
Online poker pro, Jonathan Karamalikis (22) took down the PokerStars Asia Pacific Poker Tour Grand Final held in Sydney, Australia this past weekend and went home with a pay-check of AUD$459,510 (GBP 288,521).
A formidable final table included well-known pro's Daniel Negreanu, Roland de Wolfe and Eddy Sabat but it was Benjamin McLean and Jonathan Karamalikis who went into the heads-up and Karamalikis emerging victorious.
The tournament drew 289 players creating an AUD$1,734,000 (GBP1,088,760) prize pool
The final table finished up:
1. Jonathan Karamalikis AUD$459,510
2. Benjamin McLean AUD$294,780
3. Tom Rafferty AUD$164,730
4. Peco Stojanovski AUD$121,380
5. Antoine Amourette AUD$97,970
6. Eddy Sabat AUD$79,765
7. Manuel Hansimikali AUD$65,025
8. Roland de Wolfe AUD$50,285
9. Daniel Negreanu AUD$36,415