Survey suggests Amaya may be a future contender in the daily fantasy sports market.
Amaya Gaming, the parent group for Pokerstars, appears to be preparing the ground for a possible entry into the daily fantasy sports market in the United States, a move it telegraphed earlier this year in its corporate reportage
The publication Legal Sports Report published details this week of a Pokerstars survey sent to American pre-Black Friday online poker players seeking their views on the daily fantasy sports phenomenon, and clearly testing the market as well as gathering information.
“If PokerStars were to offer Daily Fantasy Sports how likely would you be to play on PokerStars or a PokerStars’ backed site?” is a typical example of the questions asked.
“Are you aware that Daily Fantasy Sports games are now legal to play for real money in the US?” was another, along with a comprehensive list of sports  that are perhaps being considered for the project.
Industry reports and past comments from Amaya have suggested that the company may be aiming for a DFS launch in time for the next NFL season in September, but that may have to be pushed out somewhat.