Wednesday January 14,2015 : EAT OUT ON POKER REWARDS
Pokerstars marketers have come up with an innovative promo that has already almost sold out.
Steering poker players to fine dining with tournament rewards has proved to be a notable success for Pokerstars marketers, who report that their latest innovative tactics in London are producing sold-out results.
The online poker provider has collaborated with London's fine dining restaurant group Jones and Sons to lay on quality dining experiences with a difference at the All-in Kitchen in Haggerston, near Shoreditch in East London.
From Jan. 19 to 21 Pokerstars and the restaurant invite players to celebrate the start of this year's Pokerstars United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour with a three-course gourmet meal, playing three hands of poker to determine whether they pay full tariff or enjoy substantial discounts.
Players start with 10,000 chips and get a free meal if they have more than that after three hands; discounts are based on their chip stacks below that.
Jones and Sons have devised a mouth-watering menu with appropriate food descriptions – check out the full details here:
Restaurant group owner Andy Jones said that he’s enthusiastic about both food and gaming, and the opportunity to combine these passions was too good to pass by.
"Embracing poker within the dishes was a lot of fun and some of the dishes that hit the cutting room floor were a bit out there, but I can't wait to see the results and serve up some Aces."
But get in early on this one – judging by the website the three dates over which the promo runs are already almost sold out.