Poerstars statement on cutting affiliates

Friday September 26,2014 : POKERSTARS CLARIFIES AFFILIATE CUTS (Update)
Sort of….
A post from Michael Josem of PokerStars Communications Team on the twoplustwo poker forum, in response to numerous reports of affiliate cuts, said:
"PokerStars has agreements with thousands of third-party websites (‘affiliates’) to market our services to new players and encourage them to play at PokerStars.
"PokerStars routinely reviews its agreements with these affiliates to ensure that they are productive for the company.
"Earlier this week, PokerStars ended the agreements with a very small number of affiliates who were not recruiting many new players, and who were doing little active promotion of our services."

None of this should matter thou as when affiliates sign up part of the terms are "lifetime Commission of the players sent" , End of story. Pokerstars owes.