Wednesday January 7,2015 : "WE'LL BE BACK," SAYS POKERSTARS (Update)
Suspension of Spanish online casino operations only temporary.
The recent and intriguing departure from the Spanish market of Pokerstars new online casino offering  has been followed by a statement from the company reassuring Spanish punters that it would soon return.
In an email to players Pokerstars confirmed it had found it necessary to withdraw temporarily to attend to "a minor technical issue" around the absence in its software of blackjack and roulette player histories, which was a compliance element in terms of Spain's online gambling regulations.
Pokerstars communications chief Eric Hollreiser suggested in the communication that Pokerstars would return in a matter of weeks having attended to the problem.
He subsequently also refuted speculation that the casino operations had been cannibalising the company's poker business, pointing out that the newly-introduced casino activity had not impacted poker sales, and that cross-selling between the two genres had been up to expectations.