New Qubit software For SkyBetting

New Qubit software helps create more personalised gaming experiences.
Sky Betting & Gaming aims to top its record 50 percent revenue growth last year with new player differentiation software and expertise provided by the Qubit company.
Sky, which has nine established online casino brands, has recently chosen Qubit to help anticipate the growing demands of their consumers and innovate ahead of their competition. With over 50 million content updates across Sky Betting and Gaming brands daily, and 53 million transactions processed on their busiest days, the company is eager to seize the opportunity that this volume of behavioral data represents.
“We think big and act bold to ensure the betting and gaming experience is the best it can be for our customers. Over the past few years we’ve made huge investments in our in-house data platform. Qubit not only adds to our capabilities but will act as an activation layer for insights found in other platforms.” said Edward Moss, SkyBet's m.d. in a statement this week.
The statement reveals that Qubit Visitor Cloud will give Sky Betting and Gaming the ability to understand how customers engage across their brands and identify opportunities to personalize. The company will be able to build relevant, timely and effective experiences for their users, whilst also measuring the effect that these enhancements are having
Sky Betting and Gaming product manager Sam Talbot added:
“We’re very excited by the opportunity that personalization represents in our industry. There are a number of challenges such as the huge volume of data, the need to stay in complete control of product stability, and the complexity of single page apps. By putting Qubit’s technology through its paces, we were really pleased with the scale, change control options, and integration with our React front end.”
Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit, said that demand for his company’s technology was escalating as operators focus attention on improving product experience and increasing player loyalty.
“Sky Betting and Gaming interact with about 70 percent of the UK’s recreational market and by choosing the Qubit platform, which handles 50 billion events per month across our customer base, we’re well matched to deliver personalization at scale," he said.