Online Gambling No Longer on Republican Party Agenda

National convention manifesto omits traditional negative notes on internet gambling.
Alert industry observers have commented on the Republican Partys agenda following the release of the partys political platform at this weeks national convention in Cleveland.
Traditionally, the platform has included anti-online gambling tones, but this year it omits any mention of the controversial pastime – the first time since 1996 that this has occurred.
Observers are speculating that this means Republicans may be taking a more realistic look at online gambling, despite the reportedly $100 million arch anti-online gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson has committed to supporting the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump.
Trump himself has remained silent on the issue so far, but in the past has indicated that internet gambling is a fait accompli that is legalised in many countries around the globe, and that the United States should not be ignoring the opportunities it presents.
More pessimistic analysts point out that Trumps chosen vice presidential running mate, Indiana governor Mike Pence, has traditionally opposed online gambling legalization, however.
No doubt more clarity will emerge as the presidential campaigning between Trump and the Democratic Partys nominee Hillary Clinton gathers momentum.