Entry field of 155 included many top international players
Russian financial trader Rinat Bogdanov added $302,065 to his bank balance this week after taking down the World Poker Tour Venice tournament despite serious competition from an international entry list that numbered 155 players.
Bogdanov was additionally awarded a seat in the WPT World Championship to be held later this year at the Bellagio.
On the approach to the final table Bogdanov was one of the shorter stacks, but battled his way to the top three by the time he faced Alessandro Longobardi, Andrea Dato, Simon Ravnsbaek, Gianluca Trebbi and Andrea Carini in the final hours of the game.
At that point Andrea Dato held a comfortable 1.6 million chip lead, pursued by Simon Ravnsbaek on 992,000 with Bogdanov trailing at just over 900,00. The Russian played a patient and controlled game as his opponents fell one by one.
Then he received a major boost through a double up through Dato and that seemed to fire him up. He quickly busted out Ravnsbaek, leaving the table three handed Dato, Longobardi and Bogdanov.
Bogdanov then kocked Dato out of the game, and the action moved to a very brief heads up tussle against Alessandro Longobardi which Bogdanov won with ease, leaving his opponent with the runner up prize of $146,826.
The win was Bogdanov's biggest yet.