Russia To After Gambling E Processors

Regulator Roskomnadzor says following the money is a more effective way to shut down illegal online gambling operators.
Whilst blacklisting and ISP blocking thousands of unlicensed operator websites, the Russian internet regulator Roskomnadzor acknowledged in local media interviews this week that there were still work-arounds, and that the more effective approach may be to shutter the processors serving these unlawful operators outside the TSUPIS payment system introduced by the government.
The dual strategy was illustrated strongly this week when Roskomnadzor blacklisted two such processors – Skrill and Qiwi – alleging that they offered links to illegal online gambling sites and were facilitating financial transactions for them.
Qiwi later advised that it had been given a 24 hour window to get rid of the elements with which
Roskomnadzor was unhappy, which presumably indicates that the regulator is prepared to negotiate the position of such companies if they are prepared to dump illegal operators.
Insiders indicated that the regulator and the government are preparing to take the fight to more processors, hinting darkly that "other mechanisms" would be legislated and applied, probably before years end.