Czech SAZKA Group Buys More of Casinos Austria


To 34 percent.

Czech SAZKA Group, through its CAME Holding GmbH subsidiary, has increased its stake in Casinos Austria AG to 34 percent following the signing of a binding acquisition share agreement with UNIQA Beteiligungs-Holding GmbH and LEIPNIK-LUNDENBURGER INVEST Beteiligungs AG.

"We are delighted to successfully expand our presence in the Austrian gambling market by acquiring additional shares in Casinos Austria AG," Štěpán Dlouhý, chief investment officer of the SAZKA Group, said.

According to Die Standaard, despite a long-running court battle, Novomatic now becomes Casinos Austria AG’s third largest shareholder, while the Austrian State intends retaining a third share of the entity.

Our readers will recall Sazka Group comprises KKCG who holds a 75 percent share and Emma Capital who holds the remaining 25 percent.  Sazka Group holds interests in Lotto Italia, OPAP, Casinos Austria, Austrian Lotteries and Czech lottery Sazka.