Tuesday March 10,2015 :  GAMCROWD LAUNCH SEIS FUND

In collaboration with Innvotec Limited fund manager

Equity crowd funding platform GamCrowd has partnered with Innvotec Limited, an FCA authorised UK Alternative Investment Fund Manager, to launch the first Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) aimed at the Gambling Industry.

The GamCrowd 2015 SEIS Fund is targeted at UK Tax payers who will be able to claim 50 percent of their investment back in tax allowances while avoiding capital gains tax on returns, the company said.

According to GamCrowd’s executive summary, the GamCrowd team will advise Innvotec on investments for the GamCrowd 2015 SEIS, evaluating the potential of all start-ups against strict growth criteria and assisting through the pre-funding process, before helping the companies to deliver the objectives agreed at the time of investment.

The fund is open for commitments until 30th June and forms one of a series of proposed annual SEIS funds from Innvotec and GamCrowd Limited.