The Senet Group Launches Ad Campaign


In anticipation of EURFA Euro 2016 Football tournament.

Independent gambling watchdog, The Senet Group, released a national advertising campaign ahead of the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament today.

The campaign encourages responsible gambling during, what is anticipated to be, the biggest gambling event of 2016 and builds on the group’s ‘Bad Betty’ campaign released last year with football specific messages.

Featuring The Senet Group’s slogan ‘When the fun stops, stop’, the campaign will run on TV, and in press and social media. The TV ad re-works Ram Jam’s 70s hit ‘Black Betty’, with people reminding a gambler to pause and think about his actions. features prominently in the ads, as a source of advice for those who may have a problem with gambling.

“Our ‘Bad Betty’ adverts continue to be very successful in educating gamblers to become more aware of the signs behind problem gambling, as well as encouraging a more responsible approach,” explained Wanda Goldwag, Independent Standards Commissioner at The Senet Group.  “Our expanding membership means that more gamblers and the wider public are exposed to our campaigns and we hope people will follow the tips in our new adverts during the Euros.”

Elements of the campaign can be accessed here: