Speculation that there may be a new sense of urgency following French decision to allow betting exchange and poker player pool sharing.
National regulators from France, Spain, Austria, Portugal, the UK and Germany have reportedly brought forward to November a liaison meeting originally planned for next year, triggering speculation that the recent approval by the French Senate of poker and betting exchange player pool sharing  has added an element of urgency to their deliberations.
The publication Scommessa noted that the regulators, who gather regularly on a six-month basis to discuss matters of common interest, last met in September this year, and in November will be discussing developments and problems associated with cross-border liquidity sharing.
The report quotes sources who cautioned that the discussion is still in the preliminary stages and is at present trying to define which nations are seriously interested, along with the practical tax and legislative disparities that will have to be addressed.
In this context the inclusion of Germany is interesting, given that country confusing and complicated legislative position on online gambling and its exclusive focus on sports betting.