SharkScope In Deal With TokuDB

Important technology deal with TokuDB
Tokutek, a US database performance specialist has announced that SharkScope, an internet poker tournament results database, has deployed the TokuDB performance engine to optimise its database performance.
Using the equipment, SharkScope will be able to track over one million tournaments a day and deliver the data to poker players around the world in real time while simultaneously cutting its number of storage servers in half, a spokesman claimed Thursday.

SharkScope aids players by dealing out data that helps them to make profitable decisions in the poker room. With open source TokuDB, SharkScope's MySQL database can quickly ingest data from more than one million games played in the four major online poker rooms every day and quickly retrieve data in response to a diverse set of subscriber requests.
Performance features include:

  • Information delivered in under two seconds instead of 20 seconds; before queries were
  • Storage servers, and the costs to support them, cut in half;
  • No code changes required.

"TokuDB gives us faster search results, a much smaller database and fewer servers to manage," said Steve Mayes, CEO SharkScope.