Tuesday February 03,2015 : SINGAPORE BLOCKS HUNDREDS OF WEBSITES (Update)

Blacklist will be regularly reviewed but remain confidential

Singapore’s remote gambling legalization was enforced this week with the reported blocking of “several hundreds” of online gambling websites by ISP providers.

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said while the list of blocked websites would be regularly reviewed, the information would not be made public.

“The MHA and the Media Development Authority are working with Internet service providers (ISPs) to ensure that the blocking of websites is implemented smoothly,” a MHA spokesperson said.

Singapore’s Association of Banks said it too had “ensured compliance with the law’s provisions” as instructed by the Monetary Association of Singapore (MAS) on Monday.

 Online gambling is illegal in Singapore under new legalization passed late last year (see previous InfoPowa report).  Online punters expose themselves to a fine of up to S$ 5000 and/or a jail term of up to six months.