Singapore Gambling Ad Backfires

Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling ad ridiculed as Germany progress in nthe World Cup.
Singapore's National Council on Problem Gambling came in for some serious ridicule on internet and mobile social media following its display ad. during the half time commercial break in the Brazil vs. Germany game, which at that point saw the Germans 5 – 0 ahead of the host nation.
The ad featured young boys discussing the World Cup, with one saying his father had put his savings on a bet that Germany would win, as the screen faded to an anti-gambling message.
Germany went on to crush the local side 7 – 1 and move on to the finals.
The bad timing even attracted Singapore government ministerial attention, with Tan Chuan-Jin, manpower minister, commenting on his Facebook page. "Looks like the boy's father who bet all his savings on Germany will be laughing all the way to the bank!"
"At least the boy in the advertisement can get his savings back," added Teo Ser Luck, a junior minister in the trade ministry.
Within hours a meme by blogger Lee Kin Mun was circulating with the caption: "Always trust your father."