SOuth Carolina Wants To Censor Internet

New state bill could be the wedge for online gambling blocking.
A Republican state representative in South Carolina, Bill Chumley, has proposed a bill that would require sellers of computers to install digital blocking capabilities in the machines, ostensibly and arbitrarily to prevent access to vice and pornography websites.
The bill has wide-ranging and loosely defined implications, embracing not just direct vice and porn sites, but any sites promoting, facilitating or advertising such unacceptable enterprises and conduct.
That sets a precedent for other subjects to be included in the blocking list by over-zealous politicians and officials, presenting yet another opportunity to censor the internet which is almost certain to generate stiff opposition.
Detracting somewhat from Chumley's protestations of morality is the fact that a clause has been included which allows suppliers (and adult buyers) to side-step the blocking requirement on payment of a $20 per machine fee, which would go to the state's enforcement divisions.