Wednesday December 4, 2013 :  SOUTH KOREAN GAMBLING CELEBS FINED (Update)
Lenient punishment dished out by Seoul court.
The high profile cases of three South Korean entertainment celebrities charged with illegal online gambling earlier this year came to a conclusion in the Seoul Central District Court this week with the imposition of relatively mild punishments.
Boom, singer Andy of boy band Shinhwa, and comedian Yang Sehyung all pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay fines based on the amount of money they gambled.
Boom and Andy will pay a fine of 5 million won each (about GBP 2,875) and Yang Se-hyung 3 million won (GBP 1,725).
Andy gambled 44 million won (GBP 25,300); Boom bet 33 million won (GBP 18,975) and Yang Se-hyung wagered 26 million won (GBP 14,950) on illegal online gambling, the court was told by prosecutors, who noted that the trio were part of a group of six celebrities arrested by the police after an intensive investigation into online gambling.
The remaining three celebs, former H.O.T member Tony Ahn, comedian Lee Su Geun and actor Tak Jae-hoon have contested the charges and will face trial on December 6.