Spamalot concept as a theme for Ladbrokes fixed odds betting machines

Sunday September 7,2014  :  F.O.B.T. ROW OVER SPAMALOT THEME
Monty Python's John Cleese says decision to franchise the Spamalot theme was not his.
Veteran Monty Python comedians John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Eric Idle were surprised to find themselves at the centre of controversy over the weekend over the use of their hit show Spamalot concept as a theme for Ladbrokes fixed odds betting machines.
The many and vociferous opponents of FOBTs were quick to seize another opportunity to criticise the machines, taking to social media and the mainstream press to blast away at the Python team.
Cleese tried to explain that a UK company called Space Enterprises is the licensing agent for Spamalot, and the decision on who to licence the hit comedy musical concept to is not made by the comedy team, who are not event consulted on the matter.
In a series of tweets, Cleese said: "Please understand that Python has no control over Spamalot activities. They pay us royalties. That's it."
"Python exercises no control over Spamalot decisions or actions. We are not even consulted."
"I would not have endorsed the decision to use Spamalot to promote gambling if I had been asked."