SportsHub Technologies acquires SportsHub

RG Ventures has been involved in the fantasy sports sector for the past two decades.
Minneapolis-based fantasy sports and e-sports operator SportsHub Technologies has acquired veteran fantasy sports games and contests developer RG Ventures LLC for an undisclosed consideration, according to a presser from SportsHub this week.
RG Ventures is well known in the sector for its CDM Sports suite of Fantasy Challenge and Draft and Play games.
The SportsHub statement reveals that the company will keep the brand CDM Sports as it moves into the season-long traditional fantasy sports sector.
Rob Phythian, CEO of SportsHub, said in the statement:
"For more than two decades, CDM Sports has established a reputation as one of the most trusted brands in the season-long pay-to-play fantasy sports industry. The users that play CDM games love to compete for cash prizes and socialize with other users they have known for years. We value these loyal customers and understand the opportunities to grow a business built around season-long games."
Founded in 1991, CDM Sports is perhaps best known in the fantasy sports vertical for its brave 2006 stand against an attempt by Major League Baseball to prevent it using US baseball players’ names and statistics. A trial court judge ruled in the fantasy sports provider’s favour.
Charlie Wiegert, one of the original founders of CDM Fantasy Sports and a member of the FSTA Hall of Fame, will be part of the team operating contests for SportsHub under the CDM Sports brand.