Three important scientific studies that debunk claims that online gambling impacts addiction in gambling.
With the Adelson-backed Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling pumping out all sorts of misinformation and scare stories on the impact of online gambling on compulsive gambler numbers, the poker information site US Poker.com published a timely reminder this week that the facts established through scientific studies indicate otherwise.
US Poker reminds us that there is ample material available from three major studies to refute the arguments of anti-online gambling spokesmen and women, citing the Harvard Medical School research of Howard Shaffer; this year's University of Buffalo study and the recent British CAP  study on the impact of online gambling advertising.
All of these indicate that online gambling has had minimal or no effect on the prevalence of problem gambling despite the unfounded claims of the pastime’s critics.
Shaffer's extensive research, based on massive volumes of factual data over an extended period of time from major online gambling operator Bwin.Party is especially noteworthy, as is that of the Buffalo study which confirmed the earlier Shaffer findings. 
The article is well worth reading, and provides useful talking points in defence of the industry.