Government agency takes over the operation of the land casino.
Casino Enterprises, which formerly operated the Piggs Peak land and online casino enterprises, has returned its gambling operator licencse to the Swaziland government, saying that it has decided to cease involvement in Piggs Peak following legal decisions in neighbouring South Africa which crippled its online gambling business.
A government agency will now take over the land casino operation.
InfoPowa readers will recall the trials and tribulations of Casino Enterprises, which was locked in a long and arduous legal struggle in a South African high court centred on where online gambling takes place – on the servers or at the point of consumption e.g. the players’ device.
The point of consumption argument won, meaning that online casino action in the South African market, where it is illegal, could not continue.
Most of the Piggs Peak revenues came from online operations, prompting Casino Enterprises to pull the plug on the Swaziland facilities.
The point of consumption definition has also been adopted by the British government in formulating its new secondary licensing and taxation requirements for offshore operators wishing to access the British market