Tabcorp offering affiliate style commissions to retail operators

Australian gambling group strengthens its internet player base by offering affiliate style commissions to retail operators.
Australian land and online gambling group Tabcorp is likely to be in a stronger online position once the federal government implements its new and tougher Interactive Gambling Act amendments  and has embarked on an initiative designed to boost its player base.
Local media reports indicate that the Aussie betting giant has begun offering affiliate marketing style incentives that include both revshare and commissions to gambling retail venues such as pubs and clubs who encourage punters to sign up for internet gambling accounts at its websites.
The initiative was successfully trialled in the Australian Capital Territory and is now operating in the New South Wales and Victoria provinces.
With thousands of retail betting facilities across Australia this appears to be a fertile recruiting ground for online players, an observation to some extent confirmed by Tabcorp exec Craig Nugent, who boasted to reporters that Tabcorp is now signing up players at an order of magnitude higher than that experienced previously.