Take 5 : New Betting App

Take 5 launched by Swedish betting exchange SpiffX.
Swedish listed betting exchange SpiffX has launched a new app titled Take 5 which it claims makes live betting faster and easier.
Take 5 has a single button which places a bet at odds of 4 to 1 that there will be a goal in the next five minutes of play in major football competitions. The bet goes straight to the companys betting exchange, and SpiffX anticipates that the simple concept will appeal to bingo and slot players unused to the complexities of sports betting.
The betting exchange is offering free-play incentives to attract users to the new idea and product.
SpiffX operational manager Claudia Farrugia said in a press statement Tuesday: "We’ve stripped away all the complications, but left in the excitement with the simple question: Will there be a goal in the next five minutes?
“Take 5 is just the first product in a series of initiatives that we are developing to gamify the abilities of our Spiffindex exchange. We will be rolling more new products out that work off our exchange framework later this year.”
The company will also enter into B2B deals to licence the use of the product to other operators.