Sunday February 01,2015 :  TWITCH POKER PLAYER HACKED
Inadvertent exposure of sensitive personal info results in  loss of $1,000.
Online poker players have increasingly been using streaming technology from Twitch to broadcast their internet poker action live to fans, but for one player using the system it turned out to be an expensive learning curve this week.
The poker information site Pocket Fives reports that Charlie "Epiphany77" Carrel was hacked by a viewer registered as Kiree 11 whilst he was on a break after an inadvertent slip had briefly exposed his personal information onscreen for all to see.
Armed with this information, Kiree was able to nip in to Carrel's account via remote control, take a look around, ponder whether to take $10,000 or $1,000, and then settle on the latter and leave.
Ever the professional, Carrel was able to continue playing after the break, simultaneously trying to sort out the breach with the organisers of the online competition he was playing in, Pokerstars.
And he finished the online session $7,000 in profit.
Remarkably, the incident was captured on video, watched by around 5,300 fans.
Both Kiree 11 and Carrel's accounts have been frozen whilst Pokerstars looks into the matter.
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