Aggressive publicity techniques of online betting firms

Parliamentary member takes up "aggressive publicity techniques" issue
Following similar sentiment to Australian politicians, members of the British Parliament have voiced their concerns over what they term the "aggressive publicity techniques of online betting firms" in a recent Parliamentary session.
Liberal Democrat MP Tessa Munt called for an Ofcom Review on the issue of online gambling advertising, saying there was almost 36 hours of casino and gaming adverts a week.
“At a time when there is GBP 1.45 trillion of personal debt in this country and when we are encouraging people to be moderate in their expectations and behaviour, will the Prime Minister please protect consumers, children and the vulnerable from this kind of activity by asking for a review by Ofcom,” she said.
Prime Minister David Cameron called on companies to be responsible in their advertising and not solely rely on keeping within regulatory lines.  “Anyone who enjoys watching a football match will see quite aggressive advertisements on the television, and I think companies have to ask themselves whether they are behaving responsibly when they do that,” he said.