Uk Gambling Commission Improves Website

eServices – Operator allows operator license holders to log in for a variety of assists
The UK Gambling Commission has upgraded its online services for licensed operators, saying in a statement that it plans a series of new internet services through its Gambling website.
Titled  eServices – Operator, the service allows operator licence holders to log on in order to view and print copies of current licenses, report a key event or make a Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice notification.
Licensees can additionally:
*make a regulatory return or lottery submission
*manage access levels for contacts on their account
*pay fees.
A Gambling Commission spokesperson said Tuesday: “It’s always been the Commission’s aim to enable operator license holders to manage their accounts online.
“There will be a number of benefits. eServices – Operator will provide a convenient and secure way for operating license holders to pay fees online and for them to view and request a copy of their current license.
“In short, this will help operators manage their regulatory commitments more conveniently.”
The new 24/7 online gambling service has undergone thorough testing with operators and received positive feedback, the spokesman said.
Operators can register for the new system by logging on to the Gambling Commission website and clicking eServices – Operator which can be found under the ‘Do it online’ section.
Further developments will include a facility to make and submit applications online.