60 percent favor tougher gambling regulation in the UK

60 percent of UK respondents favour stricter regulation.
A new YouGov survey on public perceptions of the gambling industry in the UK has found that 60 percent of respondents favour stricter regulation of the overall industry, reports the CityAM newspaper.
And just four percent, felt that there should be a looser approach to regulation, whilst 25 percent felt the current status quo is about right.
YouGov chief executive, Stephan Shakespeare said: "To put these numbers in context, our study shows the public think that only the energy and banking sectors are more in need of tighter regulation.
"When it comes to [FOBT] betting terminals, 58 percent of those who favour tighter rules want them banned."
Shakespeare said that the study showed that other measures to curb the gambling industry’s influence also command broad support.
"Over 80 percent of those who want regulation say there should be fewer betting shops on the high street," he reported, noting that the sector is known for its high-profile advertising campaigns, but that over 75 percent of respondents support a ban on betting ads.
"Although only one percent of the population say that gambling would be an important issue when deciding how to vote next year, much of the public clearly think the betting industry should be monitored more closely, Shakespeare concluded.