New Technology Driving Online Gambling

RGA exec gives an opinion on the surge of growth in the UK
The recent surge in the popularity of UK online gambling reported by the Nielsen monitoring organisation was explained by an executive of the Remote Gambling Association in a media interview this week.
Computeach reports that in the opinion of Brian Wright, business director of the RGA, both technology and a shift in demographics are contributors to the increase of interest in the pastime.
"The number of female gamblers is going up, along with the internet rate," said Wright. "A lot of that is to do with platforms like bingo, which is attractive to females."
The expert also said there's been a rise in the number of people gambling online due to faster broadband speeds, and easier and cheaper access to the web. He added that technology like the iPhone now offers an enhanced mobile experience.
His remarks followed the publication of a Nielsen study, which suggested that online gambling was more popular in the UK last year than social networking sites such as Facebook.