e-Sports operator Unikrn develops a “Code of Compliance”.
In what appears to be a move to avoid eSports finding itself in the invidious situation that has developed around the daily fantasy sports vertical, operator Unikrn has announced the launch of a Code of Compliance aimed at obviating match fixing and other forms of cheating
The company’s CEO, Rahul Sood said this week: "As eSports reaches a tipping point of mainstream acceptance, the legitimacy of match results is more paramount than ever
"Advertisers, investors and fans depend on it, and that is why we're launching a collaborative system to ensure competitive integrity and anti-cheating across all major competitions. The key here is getting all key stakeholders to the table, engaging in proactive discussions to set industry standards."
Seattle-based Unikrn does not accept US action and has so far focussed on the UK and Australian regulated markets, but it has US ambitions if the legal uncertainties around such a venture can be resolved.