Slew of countries on latest ‘no players accepted' list
Online casino operator Vernons Casino is turning away an increasing number of online punters, it appears. On Thursday players started reporting that they has received emails from the UK operator advising that it will not accept deposits from the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North Korea, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Turkey, and The Arab Emirates.
Players were rather brusquely advised that they have until August 7th to clear out their account balances
The answer may be found in a post by a Vernons spokesman earlier this year, in which he advised:.
"Vernons will not offer services online where it is not 100 percent legal and regulated – both Australia and Holland are 2 such examples. Because of our land-based pools businesses that operate in a number of different countries under individual laws we do not contravene any others. We are keen to see these countries properly regulated and then Vernons is well placed to be able to offer a trusted name in online gaming."