Facebanx Partners with SpeechPro to offer a  new verification system that works with both on mobile and desktop devices.
Voice biometrics specialist SpeechPro has partnered with biometric security firm FaceBanx in the development of enhanced face and voice recognition solutions for telecomm and banking industry customers.
Facebanx will now offer SpeechPro’s proprietary “VoiceKey.OnePass” technology through its mobile, PC and tablet platform solution.
The combined solution gives consumers the ability to log into mobile apps using voice and face authentication instead of traditional passwords, pins, or RFID.
VoiceKey.OnePass uses proprietary voice biometric algorithms and supplemental technologies. Facebanx will deploy  this face and voice recognition technology in tandem with its “document ID” analysis to further bolster account security for boarding new customers and account transactions, says CEO Matthew Silverstone.
By adding ID document capture to its verification hub Facebanx provides a multi-layered solution for enhanced KYC (Know Your Customer) tools. No additional hardware is required.
The company also provides a full CRM video chat solution that includes both face and voice recognition, and the possibility to capture and verify ID documents such as passports and driving licences whilst in a face to face chat with a customer services agent.