Tuesday November 25,2014 : IS YOUTUBE CENSORING SLOT VIDS?
Reports that channels featuring slots are being closed.
Online gambling affiliates and slot fans are speculating on the sudden and unannounced actions of Youtube over the weekend in unilaterally closing channels which feature general interest or promotional slot vids.
Popular channels such as Slotjunkies and Gamingslots are included in the shutdowns, which do not appear to have involved any consultation with Youtube members.
Posters on a number of forums report that Youtube has silently changed its terms and conditions to prohibit gaming content.
The change came into effect this weekend and there is speculation that it has been motivated by concerns about the reactions of countries where gaming is prohibited or not advertised.
Many of those affected by the sudden change of policy say their platform of choice going forward will probably be Vimeo, but the work involved in coping with Youtube’s unilateral action is generating a great deal of anger and frustration, especially in the UK, where gambling is strictly regulated and legal.