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Gambling Articles

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Listed on the following pages we have hundreds of gambling articles, dealing with many different aspects of gambling. There are poker articles, casino game articles, strategy articles and a bunch og gambling tips for many different games.

Brunson: High Stakes Poker is about making money - The ten-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner said that he is going for his 15th straight win on the television cash games next time he plays.

Horse Poker Rules - When playing in a mixed game format, the rotation of the games will vary depending on if it is a tournament or a right game. In a ring game each game is usually played for one complete rotation of the button.

Seven Card Stud Tips - Good seven card stud players are really good and they can be incredibly hard to crack. To maximize your winnings, try not to get involved with tables that have great players.

The Concept of Poker Betting Structures - Poker is a game in which the players place bets in succession till the hand is won by one of them. There are different rules governing the quantum of these bets and these rules are referred to as betting structures. The betting structures commonly used are fixed limit, pot limit and no limit.

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo Strategy - Before understanding the strategy it is essential to understand how the pot is won. At the showdown the pot is divided into two.

Texas Holdem Betting After The Flop - In a game of Texas Hold’em before the flop a player sees only his two pocket cards. Five cards are unknown. There is a fair amount of uncertainty and the betting is usually cautious.

Winning does not make a poker pro - He set out a list of criteria that a gamer needs to meet for him to consider them a poker professional.

Voertmann: Big hand? Big bet - Jens Voertmann has revealed that when he is dealt a big hand in poker, he prefers to bet strongly from the outset, particularly against a loose opponent.

Daniel Negreanu: Stupid players go out fast - In an article for The Grands Rapid Press, the poker ace told of one competition he was in where he made a good run and then blew most of his chips in one go.

Caro: You need to care about your opponents - In a recent article by Mike Caro, the poker strategy expert said that in order to win the maximum money possible, it is necessary to "care" about opponents.

Hellmuth: Phelps is a very good player - Phil Hellmuth has stated that American Olympic hero Michael Phelps can play poker, and pointed to his performance at the Caesars Palace Classic as evidence.

Some Tips On Playing The Small Blind - Limit poker and the small blind. How should a human cope with the small blind? It depends. First, let's define our terms. We're talking about limit poker.

The Terrible Truth About Winning Pots - If you get great cards, you get great cards. If you don't, you don't. So what else does anyone need to know about poker

Poker Bluffing tips from Brokos - Poker pro Andrew Brokos has released a number of tips for poker players looking to try some new things in their game.

Shortstacks should move in with marginal hand first - When shortstacked in a competition, it is advisable to move in with a marginal hand rather than be forced to call with one, it has been claimed.

The Oracle: Don't show Poker hands - Roy Winston, otherwise known as The Oracle, has advised players not to show their hands too often.

Negreanu: Time is the key - Kid Poker has stated that the key to organising a tournament in which players with particular skill in post-flop play prevails is to ensure that there is time to play before it becomes "a shovefest".

How What You Say At The Poker Table Can Triple Your Profits! - My conversation as my opponent started to bet and then hesitated was playful and went something like this: “Don’t go betting that hand into me. What if I have a flush? Oh, you are betting? I might be trying for the biggest flush in the history of poker.

Stop Giving Away Poker Hand Information - About a year ago, this happened. It's seven-card stud, $150/$300 limit. A 34-year-old man has been losing all night. He sat in the game shortly after I did, which was 10 hours ago.

How To Lose $47,000 Playing Aces With A $9,000 Bankroll - The first time I ever heard this question was in the late 1970s. At that time, I hadn't bothered to analyze hold'em, but that didn't stop me from promptly providing the correct answer.

Weird Poker Advice - How To Give Away $1,000 And Still Win, Plus Some Very Weird Poker Advice About Feeling Comfortable At The Table

How To Play Kalooki - Kalooki is a one of the popular Rummy variation that combines the Joker cards as well. This variation is very popular in UK and European countries. The Jokers improve the experience of the game and allow the players using the skills they purchase.

How To Play Rummy - Gin Rummy is one of the popular skill games ever. The game is fast and easy to learn but demand sophistication and full of excitements. The winner is the first player who gets rid of all the cards in his hand at once, this move called Gin.

Chasing A Flush With A Pair On Board - If you think the pursuit of the flush would only show a small profit without the pair, you should almost always fold with the pair present.

Ferguson: When in doubt, play your best game - If a player is unsure how they should be adjusting their poker strategies for tournament play, they should not make any changes at all, according to one expert.

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