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Gambling Articles

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Listed on the following pages we have hundreds of gambling articles, dealing with many different aspects of gambling. There are poker articles, casino game articles, strategy articles and a bunch og gambling tips for many different games.

How To Play Kalooki - Kalooki is a one of the popular Rummy variation that combines the Joker cards as well. This variation is very popular in UK and European countries. The Jokers improve the experience of the game and allow the players using the skills they purchase.

How To Play Rummy - Gin Rummy is one of the popular skill games ever. The game is fast and easy to learn but demand sophistication and full of excitements. The winner is the first player who gets rid of all the cards in his hand at once, this move called Gin.

Chasing A Flush With A Pair On Board - If you think the pursuit of the flush would only show a small profit without the pair, you should almost always fold with the pair present.

Ferguson: When in doubt, play your best game - If a player is unsure how they should be adjusting their poker strategies for tournament play, they should not make any changes at all, according to one expert.

How Poker Players Suffer Big Losses By Reverse Manufacturing" - Most players, even serious one, suffer much greater poker losses than they should. That makes me sad, so I'll try to fix it. One reason is that their losses are "reversed manufactured." Now there's a fancy term. What does it mean? Reverse manufactured means that those losses are the necessary byproduct of trying to manufacture a winning streak.

Beatable Gambling Games Part 2 - Update to the previous articles on games you can beat.

Is Winning Possible ? - Games You Can Beat and "Experts" Who Destroy Your Bankroll.

How I Taught a Poker Lesson to a Dog - I often apply poker psychology beyond the card room -and that's where the word DOG comes in. As I've explained again and again, there is one overriding secret to successfully reading your opponents.

Yes, You Can Play Poker If You're Impaired! - There's a common bit of advice in poker that is almost universally accepted, but it's wrong. The advice is that you should never play poker if you're tired, distracted, or have been drinking. The intent of this advice is good, but the application is terrible.

You Don't Need An Edge To Have An Edge - Some say you shouldn't ever gamble unless you have the best of it. But most of the really successful gamblers I've ever met sometimes are willing to wager when they're not sure they have an edge.

Raising With Small Pairs From Late Position In Hold'em - Although you can often call profitably with a small pair against a long line of players in holdem, when you're in late position and no one has entered the pot, it's different.

Three Betting in Omaha Hi/Lo - Even though Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo is often considered to be a post-flop game, winning tournament players know that itís important to regularly raise and three-bet their opponents before the flop, especially as the blinds and antes increase.

Two Sides to Every Coin - Poker is a game of choices. Some of these choices are fairly straight forward and simple while others take a lot of thought. The thing is that when all is said and done, there may not be just one correct path to winning a given hand; it's all up to you to decide what road to travel.

Sealing the Win in Poker - If you don't think poker is a competitive sport, chances are you've never made it to the late stages of a major tournament where the only thing higher than the blinds is the pressure of playing for thousands - or even millions - of dollars in prize money.

Moving from Online Poker to Live Play - After honing their games online for awhile, many players decide to take the next step and test their skills in a live poker room. For some, the transition comes easily but, for others, the differences between playing at a computer and at a live table can be difficult to overcome.

Poker Minimum Check Raise - There are a lot of potentially horrendous moves to be made in No-Limit Hold Ďem: playing out of position with a marginal hand, chasing down a draw without the correct odds, overplaying (or underplaying) the nuts.

Game Theory Simplified, And Why Fixed-Strategies Fail - Sure, if you're an astute student of poker, you probably know what game theory is. If you're schooled in higher mathematical concepts, you also know. Sort of. But the plain fact is, most poker players don't have a clue.

Poker Things I Wouldnt Do Again - Eleven Poker Things I Wouldnít Do If I Were To Live My Life Over Again

Losing a Poker Pot By Betting - Did you know that you can lose a pot by betting? When you journey beyond the basics of poker, you start to think about strategy more intricately.

The Most Important Thing In Poker - In a poker game among eight equally matched world-class players, what very powerful law dictates who will eventually win and who will lose?

Free cards and position - I've talked about why seven-card stud is a game in which you should frequently bet, even if you're unsure whether you have the best hand at the moment.

Ego Damage : A Poker Story - Years ago I stopped bragging about my poker skills. Well, maybe I didn't stop, but I slowed down a bit. I'm 51 now, but when I was lots younger it just drove me nuts if anyone thought they were a better player than I was.

Seldom Re-raise As The Big Blind In Hold'em - But in all other circumstances, while you should vary your play, and you can certainly sometimes justify re-raising when you're in the big blind position, usually you'll make more money by waiting to see the flop.

Big Stack Poker Play - There are many players who donít slow down once they reach the final table with a big stack. Iím not one of them. By the time I reach the final table, Iíll have already played a number of hands against about half of the other remaining players.

Agression in Omaha Poker - Omaha is a game in which rags turn to riches and riches turn to rags as each community card appears. Draws dominate the action in Omaha, and because of this, understanding what you are holding is of the utmost importance. Unless you have the stone cold nuts, you rarely want to see any type of connected card hit the board for fear that you have just been outdrawn.

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