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Gambling Articles

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Listed on the following pages we have hundreds of gambling articles, dealing with many different aspects of gambling. There are poker articles, casino game articles, strategy articles and a bunch og gambling tips for many different games.

Playing Large Fields - During the World Series of Poker, players are confronted with massive fields. In the 2007 WSOP, nearly 3,000 players bought into the first $1,500 No-Limit Hold 'em event. Throughout the Series, it was common to see starting fields of 1,500 to 2,000. Many players who are accustomed to playing in smaller tournaments can be overwhelmed by the prospect of competing against so many people.

How To Win A Horse Tournament Part 2 - In the World Series of Poker* HORSE tournaments, the antes are usually about 25% of the initial bet so if the limits are 100/200, the ante is going to be 25 per player with a 25 bring-in. That means there are a lot of chips in the pot that are worth fighting for

How To Win A Horse Tournament - If you want to win a HORSE tournament, you have to be good at all five games. You don't have to be the best player at any one game, but you can't be the worst. If you're really bad at one of the games, it's going to hurt you. People often ask me which of the HORSE games I'm best at and I always give them the same answer

Playing a Short Stack in Multi-Table Tournaments - Successfully playing a short stack takes a lot of determination. I believe it's like a mental war when you have the short stack because it isn't fun when you look around and everyone has all those chips. They're getting to play fun hands like 9-10 suited and Jack-10 suited and you don't have enough chips to play those hands, so you're just sitting there watching while everyone else is playing poker.

Stack Up The Odds - For example, if he has $300 and you have $50 the maximum he can lose is $50; that for the chance to win the pot can be very tempting. Whereas if you had a bigger stack, say $300 as well, he may have to commit a lot more to see his hand and it is a much bigger risk to the player

When to Continuation Bet - As with every aspect of poker, it’s vital that your continuation bets don’t become predictable. If you check every time you miss and bet every time you make top pair or better, then you’re opponents will know exactly how to play against you. They’ll be able to bet any pair with total confidence.

Small Pockets And Big Stacks - I played the World Series of Poker Main Event for the first time in 2006 and like all rookies, I was involved in endless discussions of “The Hypothetical.” You know, it’s the first hand and you’re in the big blind. Five players move all-in. You look down at pocket Aces. What do you do?

Chris Ferguson On Going Pro - Before you even think about quitting your job to play full time, you should be making more money at poker than you are in your current employment. Don't think that one big tournament win provides all the evidence you need that you're ready to play professionally. You should be showing consistent profit over a period of at least six- months. Only at that point should you even entertain the idea of becoming a full-time pro

A Calling Hand in Stud Hi-Lo By Howard Lederer - In split-pot games, beginners are often cautioned against playing hands that have them drawing to half the pot. But in Seven-Card Stud Hi/Lo, a situation sometimes arises where drawing with a modest chance at the whole pot and an even smaller chance at half the pot is clearly the correct play.

Gavin Smith On Table Talk - Against this player, I'm probably going to run some bluffs when I think he's only got a moderate hand. I'm also going to be willing to make some pretty big lay-downs against this guy. I seriously doubt he's going to put in a lot chips without a very strong hand.

Playing Low Limit Poker - Some people I play with in the $2-$5 games ask me why I bother with the low stakes. I'm a professional poker player and have been for some time, so why not play higher? The answer I give is simple. I'm looking to maximize my profits and play in a game where I have a huge skill advantage and am certain to be a big favorite.

How Much Luck , How Much Skill - In effect, all players get paid for every good decision that they make and penalized for their bad ones. By continuously making high-quality decisions over the course of so many hours, skilful players should make more good decisions than bad, and see their bankrolls grow as a result.

The Weak Lead - Say you're in a tournament and you raise with pocket Jacks. The pro calls behind you. The flop then comes 2-6-J rainbow, giving you a very strong hand. This is a great time to put out a weak lead. A small bet may entice the pro to believe you have something like A-K and missed entirely

The Pain Barrier - Manipulating Your Opponent - There are other factors that can help you manipulate your opponent's pain barrier at the table. For example, a player who is sitting with case money (i.e., they don't have any more money in their pocket or stored in the cashier) is much more likely to be pushed off a hand by a big bet if they're holding any kind of marginal hand

Cash Equity At The Final Table - While playing the final table of the $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold 'em event, I found myself in a difficult spot when we were down to four-handed play. I was in the big blind and Rizen, a tough, respected online tournament pro, was in the small blind. It was folded to Rizen who announced that he would raise the pot. With blinds of 15K/30K, his raise made it 90K to me.

Getting beyond Your Cards - I spend a lot of time playing in the low-limit Stud games on Full Tilt Poker. In those games, I've encountered a number of players who haven't come to understand one of poker's fundamental concepts. These beginners focus only on their own cards; they don't stop to think about the cards their opponents might hold.

How A Pro Thinks Thru A Hand - It takes time to learn to think this deeply about a hand. But if you put in the time and have an open mind, you're game will get increasingly sophisticated and your profits will grow accordingly.

Betting Out Of Position - If I suspect my opponent didn't connect, I'm going to take the initiative and bet out about half the size of the pot. Betting here with my gutshot draw offers several advantages. First, I might take the pot down right here, and I'm always happy when a semi-bluff forces a fold.

Am I Beat ? - One thing to always remember: It's all about table image. The decision on whether to show hands should be less about particular hands and more about overall table image and your long-term strategy at the tables

Poker Stop Loss Limit - Although he was a successful poker player with flawless negative bankroll management, he wasn't much of a risk taker which resulted in lower profits than you would expect out of him. Take advantage of the good streaks and don't leave your opponent's money on the table. Make sure it ends up exactly where it belongs, in your pocket

Tomorrows Another Day - The morale here is that ‘tomorrow is another day’. If you’re feeling tired, then have a break, take a Kit Kat, do whatever you have to do to get back in the zone. And, if you’re simply playing badly, then consider stopping altogether and just try again tomorrow, when you are fresh and on the ball. After all, the world’s not going to end overnight now, is it?

Acknowledging Mistakes - The best players have the ability to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes - it's one of the qualities that make them so good. John D'Agostino noted, "When you listen to the general public you hear, ‘I got so unlucky.' Generally, all you hear the pros talk about is how they played a hand poorly. We understand we make mistakes and we try to get better from them."

Short Stack Play - The key to my short-stack survival was that I was able to steal enough pots to stay alive. There was only one play I could use; move in, and hope everyone folded. It worked out for me, despite the fact I was card dead most of the day.

Tells In Poker - No good player will knowingly show you the strength of their hand. They will wear hats, sunglasses or shirts with high collars to disguise their weaknesses. Paying attention to the clues that they are unaware of will give you the winning edge to take down more pots.

Do Not Get Short Stacked - The most important thing? Don't give up. A chip and a chair is all you need. Just ask 1982 WSOP Champion Jack Straus, who found one last chip underneath the rail and began a historic comeback.

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